Reputation Management

is an online program to enable and develop it’s workforce to utilize the true benefits of the gig economy.

Investing in Growth?

Placing you with employers

Placing you with employers and employers with you we will strive to have you ready to go on your first day and support you throughout your employment.

Global brand

You could be asked to work for a huge Global brand to assist during a launch or with a local takeaway help with their online Social Media account, you may wish to work on the Frontline within an industry for which you are studying, thus gaining a valuable head start when you graduate.

Online support

Offering online support and weekly drop-in sessions you will never feel stranded working from home. Our experts will be there to support you through your role. With bookable catch-up appointments and online support, we will ensure you earn at ease whenever you’re available to work.

Professionals you can trust

Whether you’re at

Whether you’re at University and have awkward lecture times but plenty of hours available to earn a decent income, or you can only work certain parts of any day due to other commitments, RPTM will prepare you to work for any company at times that suit you.

Comprehensive Customer Service

With a comprehensive Customer Service (CS) Training and Support package, we will find you suitable roles at suitable times. Businesses small and large are looking for immediate assistance running their Social Media Accounts, Launching new products, or battling a crisis, 2020 has shown Business that the power of the Work from Home Workforce is a now essential to their success and survival.

Staff at all times and on all days

These businesses require frontline staff at all times and on all days, working from home online you could be staffing their CS phones or picking up posts and responding on their Social Media account. Whatever the need for the business you will have the time and be ready to hit the ground running.

``Opportunities don't happen. You create them.``

Chris Grosser

The best brand, created for you

Grow your business

Perfect the 6 Pillars of Customer Service to set you or your business on a winning path!

360° Module


Verbal Communication

Written Communication

Patience in Customer Service

Empathy in Customer Service

Manage Difficult Conversations

Online review management

NPS and metrics to evaluate your success or identify where you can grow your business.

Brand monitoring

Brand monitoring is the process of monitoring various channels to find mentions of your brand and assessing what is being said about it. This could include a newspaper article about a merger or complaints on social media.

Social media management

Social media management is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles.

Public relations & Crisis management

Crisis management is a critical organisational function. Failure can result in serious harm to stakeholders, losses for an organisation, or end its very existence. Public relations practitioners are an integral part of crisis management teams

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